Holiday Grand Plan Week 16: Maintenance

Holiday Grand Plan 2017

Christmas is on the horizon and the season has begun with a bang: it's Maintenance Week!

Week Sixteen of the Holiday Grand Plan should see holiday preparations coming to an end--and a clean and organized home, ready for the celebration.

In holiday prep, we'll decorate the Christmas tree--and make life easy by using some of our freezer meals!

Are we having fun yet? Only minimum maintenance needed this week as we bring preparations to the finish and enjoy the holiday.

Welcome to the Holiday Grand Plan

Holiday Grand Plan 2017

You've decided: this is the year you'll celebrate the holiday season from a home that is clean, organized and ready for Christmas. You dream of holiday parties, overnight house guests, Christmas cookies, a decorated home and a calm and stress-free holiday season.There's only one problem: right now, you're living in domestic chaos. How to create a clean home for the holidays?

Looking around your home, you don't know where to begin. Dust bunnies and ceiling cobwebs announce that deep-cleaning is long over-due, and the guest room? Forget about it! It's home to moving boxes, unfinished crafts and last winter's stained jackets and unmatched mittens.

What's the answer? You need a plan: the Holiday Grand Plan.

Print the 2017 Holiday Grand Plan Calendar

Holiday Grand Plan 2017

Ready to get organized for Christmas with the Holiday Grand Plan? Our whole-house Christmas organizing plan kicks off on Sunday, August 27!

Print these Holiday Grand Plan 2017 calendar pages to prepare for the holiday season with the Web's oldest Christmas organizing plan. Week by week the HGP will take you closer to your goal: a clean and organized home for Christmas.

By breaking down holiday preparations into easy-to-manage steps, the HGP's assignments keep you moving and motivated throughout the plan. Weekly checklists record and organize each set of home clean-up and holiday prep assignments. Each week offers a special focus, to keep you on-track and on time.

Ready? Holiday Grand Plan 2017 begins on Sunday, August 27... for an organized Christmas!

Print A Holiday Planner Notebook

Printable holiday planning forms

Ready to get organized for Christmas with the Holiday Grand Plan? Weekly assignments during the Autumn months make it easy to create a clean and organized home for Christmas.

First step: create a Christmas planner to serve as command central for your holiday planning. With free printable calendars and weekly checklists, your planner will guide you through each week of the Holiday Grand Plan.

Don't stop there! Printable holiday planning pages add gift lists, Christmas card lists, household inventories and other specialty forms to round out your Christmas planner. Include free printable dividers, planner covers and lined blank pages to your notebook for a complete Christmas organizing solution,